Monday, June 14, 2010

14 Days = A Massive Gain

In just 11 days I am up 14 pounds. This is make or break time for me. Either I am going to fully commit to getting healthy or I am going to accept being a fat ass and learn to live with being heavy.I just didn't count calories at all and when I don;t do that I don;t hold myself accountable for what I eat. Exercise, what is that ? I haven't done that in a while. It is so simple to lose weight. Eat less and move more but I can't get the hang of it. I can' even achieve simple weight loss goals anymore. Maybe if I journaled every day , that will help me. I have gotten waaaay off rack and can't seem to get back on again.


  1. It's okay if you feel like you have failed- just jump back on the wagon & start over. I have been doing very well myself- while at work or at home. But being at my mothers & with friends over the weekend I totally fell back into my old ways. Today is a new day. Im getting right back on the grind. Back to salads, fruits and veggies. The Mcdonalds and the grilled burgers this weekend were good while they lasted but made me feel horrible afterwards. Personally, I have to count calories everyday or else I fail. I use (check out my profile there, its so easy to use: maybe that will help you too. Goodluck.

  2. Thank you Miss Felicity. I usually count calories on and I like that particular website only because that was the first one I came across, plus it has all my stats in it from the past 9 months. I am determined to get a handle on this.