Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Setbacks and Sandwiches

I thought I ate ok this weekend, but apparently not cause I am up 1.5 pounds. I didn't count calories and it seems that I need to always do this. So I have been riding my bike but it's is really hard so back to my walk for fitness videos. I haven't used the videos in months but I know that they give me a good workout. I think that I will combine the video with my five minute bike ride.

If I ride for five minutes, that only burns 30 calories and by the end of that time, I am really sweating so my goal is to work up to 30 minutes a day. I hope that by my birthday in November, I can be down to 200 pounds. That gives me 5 months which means I need to lose 8 pounds a month which I think I can acheive if I work hard enough. I wanted a pastrami sandwich sooo bad this whole weekend and I didn't get one cause I thought I was eating good. I feel like since I gained that 1.5 back I could have had my pastrami with mustard and pickles(YUM) since I was gaining anyway . Oh well, back to soup for lunch and grilled chicken for dinner for me. I had a water pill today also but I never remember to take them on the weekends cause I have to take them super early in the morning and on the weekend I'm not usually up at 5 am like I am durin the week . I lost 10 pounds last week and im sure 99 % of that was water. Here's hoping I lose more water and that 1.5 lbs gained is bloat or something .

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