Monday, September 28, 2009

House Hunting

I was unsuccessful in buying a home last year do to various reasons. This year I am trying again . I want to do now it so I can qualify for the 2009 first time home buyer tax credit . I can't believe how fierce the competition is out here. I have put in offers on homes and I am always out bid. I even go over the asking price. The really good homes that are reasonably priced usually have anywhere from 30-40 offers on them . So I am no having much luck right now. I haven't given up yet but sometimes I fell like it . I am even looking at condos . I was against condos cause of the association fees and it just seems like a waste to me . But I have relented and the realtor is taking me condo looking after work today . Wish me luck . Boy I am on a posting roll today .

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