Monday, September 28, 2009

The Scale

I had to take the scale out of my bathroom cause I was driving myself nuts. When I first bought the scale I didn't know that you were supposed to weight yourself at the same time every day and that time should be in the morning . I also didn't know that clothes can add as much as 5 pounds. I was getting really frustrated cause the number on the scale was not dropping fast enough to suit me. So I have decided to only weigh myself once every two weeks and hopefully I will see a 5-10 pound difference. I just wish the weight was dropping faster. I am too impatient and I want instant results, even though it took me years to get this fat , I want the fat gone sooner than it is leaving.

I took a few pictures of myself at the beginning of the month and took pics of me after my loss and I can't see a difference. I think because I have so much fat that I won't see a difference in myself or my clothes until I have lost at least 40 pounds. I can't tell a difference in my clothes now and I wish I could. I also bought some hand weights yesterday to try and tone my arms. I know that I will need to incorporate some strength training and toning to help with the extra skin I will have. I think I will join a gym at that time as I think a trainer would be better able to help me get firm .

Also I wonder if I will lose my cellulite when I finally reach a significant loss. I hope I do cause I hate the way my thighs look. Oh and my cottage cheese butt too.


  1. I just wrote a blog today about scales. =)

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I hope you don't mind that I am following you. I've recently started on a weight loss plan and it's nice to hear about other people dealing with similar situations.

    I'm looking forward to watching your transformation!

  2. Thank you Someday Skinnie Minnie. Good luck with your weight loss.