Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blood Test and Water Weight

I had to go to the lab yesterday for a Glucose tolerance test and a Glucose fasting test. I had to fast 12 hours prior to the test and once I got to the lab I had to drink a sugar solution. It was like drinking super sweetened soda syrup without any water or carbonation added. Nasty.Well I got my results back and my fasting blood sugar went from 111, which is pre diabetic . It was 81 yesterday which is in the normal range. My blood levels for the tolerance and Potassium were normal as well. I really feel like I am working towards something. I am so happy.


I have a prescription for diuretics . I don;t have high blood pressure but I have a desk job and my feet swell from sitting down all day. I had stopped taking the water pills for like a week. So my feet started to swell and I took one of the pills. During that couple of days I was exercising and eating really really healthy. So I weighed myself and that 5 pounds was back, but this time I know that it was all water. It is amazing that I was holding 5 extra pounds of fluid. I am working hard to watch my sodium content .


I went to a website that shows how much water a person should drink a day. According to this website I should be drinking 125 ounces which is like 4 liters of water. Man that seems impossible to do . I drank 3 liters on Friday and by Saturday morining all of my edema was gone. That tells me that I really do need that 125 ounces. So now I am trying to work in all that extra fluid.

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  1. I never drink enough water. I try and try but it never happens. I'm lucky to get 32 ounces. I try to aim for 64 ounces or more. I find that when I drink a bunch of water, I lose more weight. So I try...

    Congrats on your health!