Sunday, October 18, 2009

How To Gain Five Pounds In A Week

How to gain 5 pounds in one week !!!!
  • Stop exercising
  • Don't drink enough water
  • Take 4 days off work and laze around and do nothing
  • Eat the following tasty but oh so bad food items:
  • Tacos stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese
  • Pizza made with mounds of cheese and pepperoni
  • Have a pot luck at work and eat copious amounts of Olive Garden bread sticks
  • Corn dogs from Weinerschniztel
  • Huge amounts of yummy cake bites( man those things are addictive)
  • Eat dry sugary sweetened cereal by the handfuls
  • Stop counting calories cause when I don't count the m I eat everything in sight
  • Snack uncontrollably
  • Jalapeno cheese poppers from church's chicken( can you tell that I love cheese , yum)
  • eat Rice snacks which are good for you but not when you eat half a bag at a time
  • become delusional about what you have really consumed and tell yourself " oh it a just a little bit, it wont add up to much ) well it does add up . as a matter of fact it adds up to 5 pounds.

That my friends is how you gain 5 pounds in one week. I will not be repeating this mistake. I wasn't going to weigh myself but I had to know how many pounds I put on from the 22 that I had lost. My next goal will be to lose 25 pounds by my birthday next month. If I can't achieve 20 , I need to lose at least 5 that I put back on . I noticed a difference in how I felt when I wasn't exercising. I was not sleeping as well and it takes me longer to get back into the rhythm of exercising when I stop. My body feels bad when I am not doing the right things. So hopefully that will keep me motivated to do well.


  1. You can do this! This is a new week-lose those 5 pounds and start fresh!

  2. I don't need any help with gaining. I've mastered the technique. Let's hope we can both figure out how to make the scale go the other way ;)